The items listed are available as gifts given to those who make a donation. All donations are used to further this ministry and allow us to continue to offer free content.

For a donation of $50.00 You will recieve a copy of the BibleStudy2Go files DVD.

The DVD contains a copy of The History of Jesus Home Bible Study Lesson 1-6. The files include videos, PowerPoints, Instructor Guides, and Student Handouts. Over 200 custom graphics used in the course are included. The DVD also contains one Train the Trainer session for lesson 1 and six volumes of the Know the God of the Book series and a copy What Must I do to be Saved. All files may be printed and copied by permission of the authors.
For a donation of $20.00 you will recieve a copy of the spiral bound "The History of Jesus" Home Bible Study Lesson 1-6 instructor guide with student handouts.

To make a donation by check please mail to:
P.O. Box 593
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