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Self Study Learning Tracks

These courses are designed for personal study "at your own pace". These courses cover the same material as the other Home Bible Study courses but they are presented in a linear style allowing the learner to fully research and study the content.

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Self-Study modules of the History of Jesus Home Bible Study.

Chapter 1 - The Bible

This Bible Study series is intended to cover the information from the beginning of time to the point where the last trumpet sounds. The focus of this study to learn and know who Jesus is, by looking at the history we have in our hand…the Bible.

Chapter 2 - In the Begining

There is always going to be a challenge to what you believe. At some point you will doubt there is a God? Is the Bible real? Did it really happen? Sometimes you will have to stand on faith only but sometimes there is proof.

Chapter 3 - Sin

The study covers iniquity, sin and Lucifer's fall from heaven. The other heavenly beings; the four Beasts, Angels, Cherubim and Seraphim are introduced.